Fri 12 Nov 2010–Sun 5 Dec 2010


World Press Photo 2010

Since 1955, World Press Photo has invited press photographers of the world to participate in the premier annual international competition in press photography. The exhibition provides a platform for creative developments in photojournalism and provides a unique eyewitness record of world events. This year’s exhibition showcases 167 winning photographs, selected from over 100,000 entries, submitted by photojournalists, picture agencies, newspapers and magazines throughout the world. As well as the World Press Photo of the Year by Italian photographer Pietro Masturzo portraying women shouting on a rooftop in protest at the presidential election results in Tehran, the exhibition includes work by seven photographers from the UK. The winning photographs encompass the horrors of war, natural disasters, sporting endeavours and the beauty of the natural world.

Jury Chair Ayperi Karabuda Ecer (Vice-President, Pictures, Reuters) said of the winning photograph: ‘The photo shows the beginning of something, the beginning of a huge story. It adds perspectives to news. It touches you both visually and emotionally, and my heart went out to it immediately.’

Open: 10am - 11pm daily

Admission free

Image Credit: Pietro Masturzo, Italy


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