Wed 29 Sep 2010–Sun 14 Nov 2010


Art by Offenders

Art By Offenders, Secure Patients & Detainees

An exhibition and programme of events showcasing arts and crafts, music, writing and film by offenders, secure psychiatric patients and immigration detainees across the UK.

Art by Offenders is the 49th annual show of the Koestler Awards and is curated by a group of victims of crime, recruited by Victim Support and trained by Southbank Centre and the Koestler Trust with input from Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller.

Through this ground-breaking collaboration, the arts of offenders are presented for the first time by victims of offenders.

Spirit Level at Royal Festival Hall 10am - 11pm (daily)

Please note that the main exhibition in Spirit Level at Royal Festival Hall will be closed for private events from 4pm – 9.30pm on Tuesday 12 October, Monday 1 November, Tuesday 9 November and Friday 12 November. The exhibits on Level 2 at Royal Festival Hall will remain open on these evenings.

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