This two-day conference brings together international artists, curators and writers to discuss and debate the changing relationship between art and education. Please note that a ticket for 29 April includes entry to both days of this conference.

Deschooling Society takes its title from Ivan Illich's seminal 1971 book, one of the most influential radical critiques of the education system in Western countries. Issues at the heart of that critique have been increasingly debated within the art world in recent years, and the subject of education has attracted renewed attention from artists, curators and collectives. Pedagogical models are currently being explored, re-imagined and deployed by practitioners from around the world in highly diverse projects comprising laboratories, discursive platforms, temporary schools, participatory workshops and libraries. Simultaneously, progressive globalisation has led to a revaluing of the collective knowledge and agency of local communities.

Speakers have been invited to present critical ideas on collective and participatory practice, pedagogical experiments and how such art can be understood and discussed. The conference is a collaborative event marking the start of a Hayward Gallery research project culminating in the transformation of the gallery space into an alternative art school during summer 2012. It also addresses the urgent issues that have arisen from the Centre for Possible Studies, part of an ongoing Serpentine Gallery project in the Edgware Road neighbourhood, and is the second part of the Serpentine's collaboration with The Museum of Modern Art, New York, following the conference Transpedagogy - Contemporary Art and the Vehicles of Education at MoMA in May 2009.


Thursday 29 April

10am Greetings and Introduction by Ralph Rugoff and Sally Tallant
10.15am Keynote lecture by Christopher Robbins 'Escape from Politics - The Challenge of Pedagogy and Democratic Politics in the De/schooled Society'
10.45am Response and Q&A moderated by Sally Tallant
11.15am Panel discussion - 'From Discursive Practices to the Pedagogical Turn', with Carmen Moersch and Irit Rogoff, moderated by Sally Tallant.
1pm Break
2pm Dialogues - 'Insertions, Alterations, and Rearrangements within Existing Institutional Frameworks', with Tania Bruguera, Harrell Fletcher and Nils Norman. Opening statement and moderation by Claire Bishop.
3.30pm Break
4pm Presentations - 'Pedagogy of Place - Self-Organized Education', featuring Artschool UK, London, Free University Warsaw (Janek Sowa), 16 Beaver, New York (Pedro Lasch), The Public School, Brussels (Sonia Dermience), Experimental Drawing Class, London (Terry Smith), introduced by Rafal Niemojewski.
5pm End

Friday 30 April

10am Greetings
10.15am Keynote lecture by Martha Rosler
10.45am Martha Rosler in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist
11.15am Panel discussion: Protest in Art School: Rituals of Power and Rebellion since the Sixties, with Dave Beech, Marion von Osten, Adrian Rifkin and Lisa Tickner, moderated by Cliff Lauson
1pm Break
2pm Dialogues - 'Theatres of Education', with Hannah Hurtzig, Suzanne Lacy and Pablo Helguera
3.30pm Break
4pm Presentations - 'Pedagogy of Place - Local Models and Knowledges', featuring Marcelo Expósito, Barcelona, Janna Graham, London, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Rotterdam, Pablo Helguera, New York, Gediminas Urbanos, Vilnus, introduced by Nicola Lees
5pm Summary by Paul O'Neill, closing statement by Ralph Rugoff, plenary session, questions from the audience
6pm End

Schedule subject to change

Podcasts from the conference will appear on the Hayward Gallery blog.