Thursday 12 November 2009


David Eagleman and Philip Pullman - Tall Tales from the Afterlife

David Eagleman's 'Sum' is a dazzling and hugely acclaimed debut, in which the reader is guided through 40 wildly imagined versions of the afterlife. He joins Philip Pullman to discuss fantastic fiction, science and life after death, as part of an evening of performance that also includes stunning contributions from Nick Cave, Miranda Richardson and Jarvis Cocker.

Don't miss this entertaining and thought-provoking leap into the unknown.

Eagleman is a neuroscientist and writer specialising in time perception and synaesthesia who teaches at Baylor College in Texas. Philip Pullman is the author of 'His Dark Materials' and one of Britain's most important and brilliant writers.

'A small, modest book of big ideas... Every story is a new Heaven.' Brian Eno

This event will have speech-to-text reporting for deaf and hard of hearing visitors.