The second Chopin Forum, convened by John Rink, celebrates the 200th anniversary of the composer's birth by bringing together internationally distinguished pianists, scholars, teachers and editors, along with one of Europe's foremost piano restorers.

The first half focuses on Chopin as a young pianist, the performance insights within his manuscripts and the first editions of his music, and the instruments that he played to such unique effect. Hearing select passages on a grand piano from the 1840s introduces us to a sound-world close to Chopin's own.

The second half turns to the interpretations that followed in the hands of later pianists and editors, culminating in a panel discussion on teaching Chopin.

The day ends with a short recital at 4.30pm by Chopin Competition winner Alex Kobrin. He plays Scherzos Opp.39 & 54, Nocturnes Op.15 and the Polonaise-Fantaisie Op.61.


Peter Donohoe
Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger

Kenneth Hamilton
Kevin Kenner
Ronan O'Hora
John Rink
Jim Samson
Tom Service
David Winston
Alexander Kobrin

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