Five-piece live band Syriana, complemented by projections put together by filmmaker Niccolo Piazza and backing tracks featuring the Pan Arab Strings of Damascus, inhabits a space where imagination and reality overlap.

As mission statements go, the aims of this collective tread noble ground - 'Syriana is more than just a band. It's a concept. An attitude. A perspective. A place where themes of tolerance, liberty and hope come wrapped in Arabic rhythms and played through a Western filter.'

Imagine a dialogue between East and West, of hopes and fears, similarities and differences, histories and futures - a conversation charged with emotion and balanced with respect. Think of ancient civilisations and Eastern aspirations vying and blending with iconography from spy novels, 1960s television themes and Cold War film soundtracks. A space where boundaries are dismantled, where coming together feels effortless, significant and inspired.

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