Jeremy Deller

  • Publicity photograph of Adrian Street, c. 1980 (Photo © Exotic Adrian Street)
  • Our Hobby is Depeche Mode, 2006. Masha at St. Petersburg airport (Image courtesy the artist.)
  • From Memory Bucket, 2003. Cop with flowers, San Antonio, Texas (Image courtesy the artist.)
  • Procession, 2009. Publicity shot with Mancunian sports mascots (Image courtesy the artist. Photo: Tim Sinclair.)
  • Bless This Acid House, 2005 (Image courtesy the artist. Photo: Stephen White.)
  • Has the World Changed or Have I Changed?, 2000. Bonzo posing with a fibreglass Ronald McDonald (Image courtesy the artist.)
  • Iggy Pop Life Drawing Class, 2006-2011. Artist's impressions by Sarah Tynan (Image courtesy the artist.)
  • Jerusalem, 1993. Film stills (Image courtesy the artist)

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