Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden

The Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden, a green oasis amongst the concrete brutalist architecture of the Queen Elizabeth Hall, is open to the public daily in the spring and summer months.

The garden was first built in 2011 as part of Southbank Centre’s celebrations of the Festival of Britain's 60th anniversary. This beautiful peaceful garden, with incredible views across London, has since become a much-loved part of Southbank Centre. The garden, originally a partnership with the Eden Project, was built and continues to be maintained by Grounded EcoTherapy – a group of volunteers who have experienced homelessness, mental health and addiction problems. For these individuals the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden has helped turn their lives around, giving them a new focus, building their confidence and improving their wellbeing.

What I’ve planted has grown, I’ve seen the result, I’ve seen the finished product which has spurred me on, it's given me a positive mind.”
One of the gardeners from Grounded EcoTherapy. 

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There is a lot to discover in the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden – a wildflower meadow with over 150 species of native wildflowers, a lawn perfect for picnics, fruit trees, allotment boxes, a tunnel of scented flowers and a woodland garden. You are welcome to explore the garden on your own, or if you have questions or want a bit more information about what’s growing please find one of our gardeners who will be happy to help. The gardeners from Grounded EcoTherapy are in the garden most days and are always pleased to meet people who are interested in their project.

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Woodland Garden is closed to the public whilst we do renovations to the Hayward Gallery.


The Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden is home to an abundance of wildlife. The gardeners have sighted several species of butterfly including the rare Painted Lady which is a migrant to our shores, originating from North Africa, and is the only species of butterfly ever to be recorded in Iceland. The garden is also a haven for bees. The gardeners are committed to reversing the decline of bees in our country and plant wildflowers chosen specifically to create an environment to support their survival.

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We also have birds nesting in the garden, including wrens and robins.

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