The Clore Ballroom

Foyer Spaces

See all events taking place in our Foyer Spaces
See all events taking place in our Foyer Spaces Southbank Centre is constantly pushing the boundaries of what it can do and where it can present artworks and performances.
Inside our Royal Festival Hall and Queen Elizabeth Hall there are many other spaces and rooms used alongside the main concert auditoriums. Southbank Centre's Foyer Spaces include:
Blue Room
White Room
Spirit Level
Gamelan Room
The Clore Ballroom
Central Bar
Foyer Green
Display Space 3 – Level 2
Blue Display Space – Level 2
Riverside Terrace QEH Side
Sunley Pavilion Level 3
Function Room Level 5
Function Room Green Bar – Level 4
Blue Bar – Level 4
The Poetry Library
Weston Roof Pavilion
St Paul’s Roof Pavilion
Balcony Terrace – Level 5
Members Bar Purcell
Room Front Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall
Soft Space at Queen Elizabeth Hall
Hayward Gallery Project Space
Hayward Gallery Concrete
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