Enter a magical, shell-shaped tent for an intimate, entrancing performance of music and song for children aged between six months and three years old.

Come and be enticed into an inviting tent landscape, in which two performers with specially designed instruments create music and song. Hear weird and wonderful 'creatures' such as the sea horse harp, glass chime jellyfish and the bagpipe and flute creatures. These unique instruments resemble sea animals, inspired by life in the depths of the Arctic Ocean. The opera has no linear narrative but is rather a series of events with triggers of excitement, humour or serenity. A musical game is created through shaping sounds to form language and song.

Suitable for children aged six months to three years. We recommend that parents/carers are responsible for one child only. Not recommended for children over three.
The full-price ticket of £8 includes one adult and one child. A separate child-ticket price of £4 is applicable for any additional children. Any additional adults must buy a full-price £8 ticket.

'An exciting concept carried out in a beautiful and captivating way.' (Varden, Norway)

'I couldn't help but smile. My expectations were blown away... Different, and wonderful.' (Øslandets Blad, Norway)

'Just so incredibly sensory, a really great experience for all [adults and children]!' (Audience member)

The piece is a co-production between designer Christina Lindgren, performer Hanne Dieserud, The Norwegian Opera and Ballet and The Norwegian Touring Theatre, with music by Maja S K Ratkje.
The performance lasts for 20 minutes with possibilities for the audience to explore the room and musical instruments afterwards.

Performers - Hanne Dieserud and Hanna Gjermundrød.
Supported by The Norwegian Arts Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Level 5 Function Room Room at Royal Festival Hall