Saturday 9 - Sunday 10 February
Weekend events from 10am - 6pm

This weekend, dive into Paris of the 1910s and Roaring Twenties with events that reveal the economic, political, geographic and cultural catalysts that fostered creativity in the city.

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Activities throughout the weekend include:

Noise Bites give you an intense, whistle-stop tour through the need to know topics from this weekend.

A cocktail of high kicks, politicians and impoverished artists - it can only be the Moulin Rouge.
Unpick the surrealist manifesto.
The First World War brought conflict to the heart of Paris - what was the effect?
How did an American lady define Parisian artistic taste? Discover the salon of Gertrude Stein.

Join top speakers for in-depth discussions of the fundamental questions of early 20th century.

Julian Joseph introduces us to the great vogue of Paris in the '20s: le jazz.
Want to cause a riot at the ballet? Stravinsky knew how. Professor Jonathan Cross looks at this explosive character and his work.
Don't know your Breton from your Dali? Luke Kennard and Mark Waldron investigate Surrealism.
Professor Jaqueline Rose discusses that most quintessential of French novelists, Marcel Proust.

...Stravinsky! Curious about the music but scared off by the terminology? Then grab a coffee and come together to this fun, informal and practical session led by composer Rachel Leach on Sunday.

Don't know where to start? Let our industry experts bring music to life in these beginner's guides. This weekend the session is led by The Guardian's classical music critic Tom Service.

Activities and events all over the site allowing you to get the full flavour of this exciting time of change.

A Weekend Pass offers you the best way to plunge into 20th century Paris - a world of Hemingway, Dali, Fitzgerald, Picasso, Chanel, Joyce, Matisse and Mondrian.

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