Sat 6 Feb 2016–Sun 7 Feb 2016


A Day in the Life

A Call To Contribute

Foyer Spaces

See snapshots of lives affected by mental health issues and find out how to share your own.

A Day in the Life project asked people with mental health issues to write about their day, four times a year.

On four dates spread out over 12 months, participants submitted blogs, which you can see on our digital screen or read at

As part of Changing Minds festival, Southbank Centre is inviting people to share their personal experiences of mental health difficulties in partnership with A Day in the Life project.

We are posing the question: 'How has your day been today – what made your mental health better and what made it worse?'

To contribute your answer to this question please fill in this form. Your post is anonymous, although may be displayed during Changing Minds festival in the Marketplace. Find out more about submitting your own post here.

This callout aims to provide a snapshot of the day­to­day lives of real people with mental health difficulties: a lived reality that’s often sidelined even in discussions of mental health.

A Day in the Life was funded by Public Health England and created by London-based social enterprise Social Spider CIC

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February

11am – 6pm

Level 2 Foyer (Green Side) at Royal Festival Hall