Maurice Ravel: Le tombeau de Couperin
.: interspersed with selections from Couperin's Concert Royaux
Ludwig Van Beethoven: Violin Concerto
.: with readings from Beethoven's Heiligenstadt Testament

The Arensky Chamber Orchestra brings its trademark innovative and energetic performance style to a concert of Ravel, Couperin and Beethoven. The group is one of Britain's fastest rising professional ensembles.

Ravel wrote le Tombeau de Couperin in homage to the grace and elegance of French Baroque music. He emulated the style and forms of the era but used his own impressionistic musical language.

This performance bridges the centuries between Ravel's suite and the era that inspired it, with selections from Couperin's Concerts Royaux interwoven with the movements of le Tombeau.

The Arensky Chamber Orchestra is then joined by star British violinist, Jennifer Pike, for Beethoven's great Violin Concerto.

The concerto is set against dramatic readings from the Heiligenstadt Testament - Beethoven's poignant confession of his struggles with deafness and determination to fulfil his artistic destiny. The piece is a deeply personal statement, filled with both this heroic purpose and a tranquil nobility.


Arensky Chamber Orchestra
William Kunhardt conductor
Jennifer Pike violin
Matthew Sharp actor
Simon Gethin Thomas lighting designer