Songwriter Cass McCombs returns to London following the release of his latest double album Big Wheeland Others.

Big Wheel and Others is brimming with McCombs' gift for evocative storytelling, discerning introspection and heartrending melody. It is out now on Domino Records.

With a catalogue stretching over a decade (including two releases in 2011, Wit's End and Humor Risk), this is Cass' most all-encompassing work to date, a bold new chapter in the myth of this fascinating and singular artist.

'He's a Californian – his music definitely suggests sun, open space and hippie quixoticism. He's into strange turns and oblique repetition, but as with some of his past records, he will come at you every once in a while with a single track that will pin you down with its beauty. Like a John Lennon love song.' (New York Times)

'Big Wheel and Others represents McCombs' most transient yet memorable volume of song-carved verse yet.' (Filter)

Cass is supported by Trembling Bells, 21st-century troubadours who synthesize traditional folk forms with the romanticism of country music, the deceptive complexity of medieval music and the swagger of classic rock.

Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen are guiding lights for a music that embraces British folk-rock, American roots and electric psychedelia.

Also supporting is Frank Fairfield, a young man and old-time folk musician who plays fiddle, guitar and banjo while singing and hollering – a word-of-mouth sensation who channels the spirit of another era in his spellbinding live shows.

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