Festival of Love

Saturday 6 June 2015 - Monday 31 August 2015

This summer at Southbank Centre, Festival of Love celebrates the greatest human emotion with performance, music and art.
Catch free events in our foyers and roof garden or marvel at the installations across the site as hundreds of artists, communities and partners join forces to create an unforgettable summer. Inspired by Nelson Mandela and his 67 years as a human rights campaigner, throughout Festival of Love we are celebrating 67 Change Makers in the UK who have dedicated their time to improve the lives of those around them. To see the list of Change Makers and learn more about them.
You can also see the Change Makers in a series of photographs across the foyer at Royal Festival Hall. Taking inspiration from the 67 Change Makers, we're calling on members of the public to help make the world a better place by completing 67 Small Acts for Big Change. For the complete list of Acts.