Frank Zappa: 200 Motels

One of the music events of the year Frank Zappa's legendary 1971 work 200 Motels is performed live in concert for the first ever time in the UK.

This colossal piece, one of the most ambitious that Zappa ever wrote, is performed by the full forces of the BBC Concert Orchestra, Southbank Sinfonia, London Voices and a large cast of rock musicians, singers and actors.

Banned from live performance at the time of its composition, and a cult classic on film and on record ever since, 200 Motels can finally be heard on stage in its full glory.

Please note, this event contains sexually explicit material and is suitable for audiences aged 18+.

Royal Festival Hall at 6.15pm. Gail Zappa, Scott Thunes, Jurjen Hempel, Joe Travers and Gillian Moore in conversation, introducing 200 Motels.


Claron McFadden soprano
Tony Guilfoyle Frank
Richard Strange narrator, Rance
Ian Shaw Mark
Brendan Reilly Howard, Cowboy Burt
Sophia Brous Groupie 1 (Janet), Larry the Dwarf
Diva Zappa Groupie 2 (Lucy)
Jessica Hynes Good Conscience, Donovan
Jay Rayner Bad Conscience, Ginger
Scott Thunes Jeff
BBC Concert Orchestra
Southbank Sinfonia
London Voices
Jurjen Hempel conductor