Actress Isabella Rossellini and screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière perform a mind-blowing show about the sexuality of insects.

Best known for her work with David Lynch in Blue Velvet, Rossellini teams up with Carrière to present Green Porno: Un Bestiaire d'Amour.

The two try to answer questions about the natural world from pachyderms to bugs.

Males eaten right after reproduction, wild orgies, fierce fights, dances, seductions, extravagances, inexplicable acrobatics, deadly enigmas, perversions, pregnant males, newborns eaten alive...

It's as if nature has willingly multiplied the tracks to create confusion.

It's as if life, to allow reproduction, would play a dangerous and chaotic game, the rules of which are settled by we-don't-know-who and which differ depending on the species.

Design lights and video - Antoine Manichon
Creation at Printemps des Comediens 2013
Text by Isabella Rossellini & Jean-Claude Carrière
Artistic guidance - Murial Mayette
Lights design and video - Antoine Manichon
English translation - Julia Groopman