Big Howard and Little Howard tackle questions of life, death and the third dimension…

Little Howard has discovered the pencil that drew him. But, on the other end of this magical pencil of life is the eraser of death, and a dark force is at large determined to rub him out for good.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Big Howard has had a real-life baby! Can Little Howard escape his supernatural nemesis? How will he get rid of this pesky new arrival?

Who knows … but there will be danger, drama, a journey into 3D and a lot of laughs on the way.

Howard has also written for Horrible Histories, Gumball and Gigglebiz.

‘I defy you not to be helplessly charmed’(The Telegraph)

‘Incredibly, achingly funny’ (The Daily Mail)

‘The best show we’ve seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’ (Families Magazine)

For ages 6+