Quebec City's L'Orchestre d'Hommes-Orchestres present a wholly unique take on the music of one of America's best-known troubadours - Tom Waits.

Reviews of LODHO's Purcell Room shows:

'Undeniably fantastic fun' (The Guardian)

'A brilliant tribute' (One Stop Arts)

Armed with Waits' colourful repertoire and mixing elements of cabaret, comedy and circus, this bustling orchestra offer an event that is more of a carnival environment than a straightforward gig.

Using over 100 instruments and objects including a melodica played by a balloon, wine bottles and crash helmets, the group hammer, caress and tumble their way through the mad cap scenes with unbridled energy. Throughout the show, they are holed up on a small stage on which the group clambers for space, they trade instruments, crawling over each other in the process.

The group remains faithful to the spirit of Waits, managing to turn the world of this American icon into a playful yet powerful tribute.

'A Fabulous frenzy worthy of this giant.' (La Presse, Montreal)

'For all lovers of Tom Waits, a great, great pleasure' (El Noticiero, Spain)

Listen to our Spotify playlist for a sample of some of the classic Tom Waits songs that you can see performed on the night LODHO Performs Tom Waits.

Book for 4+ people and receive 20% off each of your tickets. Call 0844 847 9910 to book (not available online).

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