Wed 1 Jul 2015–Sun 27 Dec 2015


Southbank Centre - Behind the Scenes Tour

Foyer Spaces

What does Royal Festival Hall have in common with an eggbox?

Who granted the venue's royal patronage? When was Eurovision hosted here?

Southbank Centre dates back to the Festival of Britain in 1951. One of the most popular cultural destinations in the country, we host thousands of performances and millions of visitors every year.

Our tours offer a unique insight into the history of the site and the people who have shaped it. Join us to follow in the footsteps of world-famous orchestras and artists.

Hear behind-the-scenes stories from our trained Tour Guides and gain exclusive access to areas usually reserved for performers and Southbank Centre staff.

Tours last approximately one hour.

Dates & Times
Saturday 11 July, 3pm
Saturday 18 July, 6pm
Sunday 19 July, 3pm

Monday 10 August, 6pm
Monday 17 August, 6pm
Friday 28 August, 6pm

Thursday 10 September, 5:30pm
Monday 14 September, 6pm
Sunday 20 September, 6pm

Monday 5 October, 6pm
Friday 16 October, 6pm
Monday 19 October, 4pm
Sunday 25 October, 5.30pm

Monday 2 November, 4.30pm
Saturday 14 November, 3pm
Sunday 22 November, 3pm
Sunday 29 November, 3pm

Sunday 13 December, 6pm
Monday 21 December, 3pm
Sunday 27 December, 5pm

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