Join hundreds of choirs to mark the opening of our summer-long Festival of Neighbourhood.

You can learn the music on the day by joining an earlier free rehearsal in Queen Elizabeth Hall, taking place at 11am and 12 noon. You can also download the music in advance from here.

Alternatively simply follow your ears to enjoy the spectacle as a member of the audience.

Come and join us for this massive explosion of voices across Southbank Centre!

Guidance on the songs for those wishing to take part -

'Come Ye Sons of Art'
Everyone sings bars 29 to 56 in unison (with all women singing as written and men singing an octave lower than the written pitch). Bars 57 to 84 are firstly sung by a small semi-chorus and then repeated with everyone singing in harmony. During this section it is important that men sing either the bass or tenor line, and not just duplicate the tune an octave lower. In other words, everyone sings one of the four harmony parts, or alternatively you can sit it out.

Download the sheet music here 

This is sung in unison throughout and is accompanied by a full brass-band arrangement.

Download the sheet music here

'Waterloo Sunset'
This arrangement is split into two choirs - Choir 1 is singing just the melody, Choir 2 is singing the harmonised backing vocals. Lower voices can simply sing any part an octave lower. Learn either the melody or the backing harmonies. Please note that you'll need to stick to singing in Choir 1 or Choir 2 during the performance as this will affect your standing position.

Download the sheet music here