'Once upon a time...
When was it? When was it not?
Lived in Hobsmoor, a spinner, a weaver
– and this was their lot'

Every year, around this time, the people of Hobsmoor gather to hear Hob and his band of players retell the legend of the Rattler, a cautionary tale of wanting too much.

Alyson, a poor weaver's daughter, is bored of her simple life and dreams of a different lot. Meanwhile, Crown Prince Aiden longs to be free of his mother's royal expectations. As the wind blows, their desires call the Rattler to Hobsmoor and it seems as though all their wishes have been granted. But they soon discover that everything comes at a cost.

The Rattler is a new interactive retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. The performance begins with a series of music and craft workshops in The Clore Ballroom and a colourful pageant around Southbank Centre's site, before it enters Royal Festival Hall. As the festivities unfold with lively folk-inspired music, puppetry and inventive storytelling, you are invited to help bring this age-old tale to life.

Mahogany Opera Group
Music by Stephen Deazley
Words by Martin Riley
Directed by Frederic Wake-Walker

On arrival at Southbank Centre, please go to the Ticket Office to exchange your ticket for a wristband.

Music and craft activities begin in The Clore Ballroom and Level 2 Foyers at 2pm, followed by the musical pageant at 2.30pm which takes you into Royal Festival Hall for the rest of the performance. Event ends at approximately 4pm.

2pm – 4pm

Tickets £10

For ages 7+

Watch & Listen