Tuesday 19 February 2013


The Rise of the Alternative Family

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We have seen significant changes in recent years enabling many more lesbian and gay people to have families and there are now almost 10,000 same-sex parent families in the UK.

Yet research conducted by Stonewall shows that children of same-sex parents can often experience prejudice or are made to feel invisible in society and schools because lesbian, gay and bisexual people or families are rarely mentioned.

This event will give parents or prospective parents - and teachers - the chance to share their experiences and hear from a panel of teachers, parents and Stonewall representatives about the range of ways and resources available to ensure that children grow up in an environment that positively reflects the diversity of today's family set-ups.

Panelists include -
Stonewall's Head of Education, Wes Streeting
Sarah Garrett, Managing Director of Square Peg Media
Jacqueline Davies, Stonewall Chair and proud mother
John Yates-Harold, Deputy Head Teacher of The Jenny Hammond Primary School
Rikki Beadle-Blair, actor, director and writer.

In association with Square Peg Media and Stonewall.

All speakers are subject to change.