What we require


A summary of the requirements Hayward Touring exhibition venues must meet.


Venues hosting Hayward Touring exhibitions must agree to:

  • Provide specified security (see below)
  • Ensure correct environmental conditions 
  • Follow specified hanging instructions


Security Categories

Category A

  • Exhibitions require continuous invigilation during opening hours. 
  • An invigilator should be stationed permanently in each exhibition area so that all exhibits are under constant surveillance. 
  • During the silent hours, a comprehensive alarm system must be used and the premises secured.

We recommend contacting the National Security Adviser to establish the security levels of individual exhibition spaces.

Category B

Exhibitions require constant patrolling while open to the public and a comprehensive alarm system and secure premises for the silent hours.

Category C

Exhibitions require regular checking while open to the public and securely locked premises for the silent hours.


Except in special circumstances, two-way transport costs are included in your hire fee. Security Category A and B exhibitions are normally delivered by our own vans and installations supervised by a member of Hayward Touring staff.

Security Category C exhibitions are delivered by UK parcel carrier vans. It is the venue’s responsibility to help load and unload parcel carrier vehicles and to install and dismantle the works without Hayward Touring assistance.

Government Indemnity

Major high value exhibitions are normally covered by a government indemnity scheme. For more information visit: 
Arts Council England website

Exhibition Fees

Details about exhibition fees can be found on the individual exhibition pages or by getting in touch.
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Visit the current and future exhibitions page

Exhibition Requests

Venues are asked to note the special requirements for every exhibition, particularly those concerning size, security and lighting, before making a booking. To make a booking, please apply in writing by emailing us indicating your preferred and alternative dates.

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Marketing and Press

Venues must include a Hayward Touring logo and credit line on all public announcements, press releases, invitations, posters, signs and other promotional material.


High-quality, fully illustrated books are published for most major Hayward Touring exhibitions. Venues are required to buy a minimum of 50 copies of these at a discount of 35% on the exhibition price; further catalogues can be supplied on a sale or return basis. Publication prices vary with each exhibition and are below the usual recommended retail price.

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