Filming performances

Essential information and prices if you wish to film performances at Southbank Centre.

There are two ways you can film a performance at Southbank Centre:

  1. You bring your own film crew to film at Southbank Centre.
  2. You hire our crew to film for you.

Please note: In both cases, you must get the artist’s permission. You must arrange this directly with the artist or their representatives.

Bring your own film crew to Southbank Centre

The following tariffs apply to all filming on the day of the show during rehearsal or performance.

Video capture and audio capture

  • £3,247 – Commercial use, Royal Festival Hall 
  • £2,706 – Commercial use, Queen Elizabeth Hall
  • £1,087 – Commercial use, Purcell Room
  • £266 – Commercial use, Other
  • £165 – Archive video and audio capture only
  • No charge – News access (two-minute broadcast)

Audio capture only

  • £2,175 – Commercial use, Royal Festival Hall
  • £1,352 – Commercial use, Queen Elizabeth Hall
  • £557 – Commercial use, Purcell Room
  • £165 – Commercial use, Other
  • £79 – Archive audio capture only
  • No charge - News access (two-minute broadcast)


  • You must pay facility fees and for any seats taken off sale due to camera and operator positions
  • Permission to film or record is at the discretion of Southbank Centre and we must give our approval in writing before the event. We’ll create a separate contract that you must sign
  • You must credit Southbank Centre on every recording and send a copy (edited, unbranded) to us for non-commercial purposes
  • We reserve the right to use up to three minutes of footage for non-commercial promotional purposes

Alternatively, let us film your event

We use remote cameras as the primary, with additional ‘manned’ cameras where necessary. This allows quick set-up times and minimises seat loss and sight line issues.

  • All cameras are professional Panasonic full HD systems
  • Our standard format is 1080i50
  • Quicktime/ProRes 422
  • You will receive all the media we have created

Camera/Recording Production Package

  • 4 x remote control cameras with operators  and fixed wide shot 
  • Full quality camera ISO recordings (Quicktime 422), and mix out in H264 and Quicktime 422 
  • Vision mixer with operator 
  • All media supplied on an HDD  
  • live mix output suitable for streaming or projection 
  • Audio from live sound desk and/or spaced pair record mics. Up to 8 separate audio tracks      

Total £2,575  

Options (in addition to above):

  • Separate audio mix (inc engineer) £575 
  • Live stream (YouTube, Facebook live etc) £465 
  • Basic edit (editor for one day) £350

(Additional facility fees will apply)