Almanac of the Future - Alchemy 2016

Almanac of the Future uses narrative and technology to ask how the stories we tell about our future define how we live today.

Alchemy 2016 | Almanac of the Future


How do our views on topics such as heritage, food, culture and technology develop from age 15 to 65? How can we seize power to collectively shape the world 50 years from now?

In 2016, Almanac of the Future invited a community of first and third-generation British people to create futures they want to see materialise in the next 50 years. Here's what they said.

About the artists:

Annette Mees is an award­-winning artist who makes work that explores big ideas, powered by people. She is a creative fellow of WIRED and The Space, and was former artistic director of Coney theatre company.

Jasmine Ann Cooray is a poet, performer and workshop facilitator of British and Sri Lankan heritage. She is an experienced poet dedicated to her craft, Jasmine develops creative skills in anyone wishing to turn their hand to the pen or the mic.

Amitesh Grover is a performance maker and new media artist. Based in Delhi, Amitesh's recent work, Downtime, invited people to sleep and reflect on their experience.

Alchemy explores the culture of India, its diaspora and its relationship to the UK today in over 30 events spanning dance, music, literature, debates, fashion and food.

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