Bridget Riley in conversation with Ralph Rugoff

“I have something more to offer in prolonged looking”. Bridget Riley joins Director of Hayward Gallery, Ralph Rugoff, to discuss her 2019-20 exhibition in the gallery.

In this intimate video the pair discuss the time it takes to fully explore Riley’s paintings, and how the artist has sought to offer two different ways of seeing her work.

Bridget Riley in conversation with Ralph Rugoff | Hayward Gallery


I know that my paintings declare absolutely everything, nothing is hidden whatsoever. At the same time, by looking at it, you find things to look at, and things open out.
Bridget Riley


Bridget Riley — organised by the National Galleries of Scotland in partnership with Hayward Gallery — was at Hayward Gallery from 23 October 2019 until 26 January 2020.

A world renowned contemporary art space, Hayward Gallery hosts exhibitions featuring adventurous and influential artists all year round.

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