Drum, listen, sing! Exploring music at home

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 12:26

Whether you need ideas to help keep you going through lockdown, or you’re looking at ways to fill the summer holidays; after four months at home we could all do with some music in our lives. So we’ve pulled together this neat selection of activities and performances from our friends and partners, offering different ways you can participate in and enjoy music together as a family at home.

Groove Into the Woods: A video storybook

recommended for ages 3-7

Groove Into the Woods: A Video Storybook

Welcome to the deep, dark woods - full of all sorts of magic and creatures up to no good... Join three friends on their quest to save their grownups from some horrible trolls. Singing, dancing and adventure await you on this mysterious journey.  

This is a shorter, video retelling, of the live Groove Baby show Groove Into the Woods which we were lucky enough to have at the Southbank Centre as part of our Imagine Children’s Festival earlier this year. Created by musician Cameron Reynolds, Groove Baby is a series of family concerts featuring interaction and story telling for little ones and great music for everyone! With an almost live band, musical interaction and 3D animation, this is a great performance piece for the family to enjoy and dance to together.  



Mmm Ahhh Whoosh: Sounds of the Song by Mellow Baku 

recommended for ages 0-5

Good Morning Sing My Song

We were very lucky to have the incredibly talented jazz and soul singer and songwriter, Mellow Baku, perform her album for children and toddlers at this year’s Imagine Children’s Festival. Her groovy sounds include acoustic guitar, live looping, spoken word, roots, jazz and soulful folk songs, accompanied with friendly animations. And now they’re available online for you to sing along and enjoy with your babies and toddlers at home. We bet you wont be able to stop singing some of these for days, they’re so catchy!



Jamboree with Oily Cart

Jamboree | The Sensory Sessions

Friends of the Southbank Centre, Oily Cart, reimagine theatre for young audiences to make it more inclusive. They create sensory theatre that can be enjoyed by children that are very young and those who are labelled as having complex needs, including those with profound and multiple disabilities, with an autistic spectrum condition, and those who are deafblind and multi-sensory impaired. Inspired by a recent piece of gig-theatre they made with teenagers with profound and multiple learning disabilities, Oily Cart have put together Jamboree, which features sensory activities to try at home, including shadows, movement and sound based ideas.



Samba with Benedetti Foundation

recommended for age 6 and upwards

The Benedetti Foundation, founded by award winning violinist and friend of the Southbank Centre Nicola Benedetti, have a huge range of online tutorials for different ages and ability levels. Why not try out this session on samba at home and as a family learn the rhythms for some simple samba grooves. No need to seek out an actual drum, just bang a pot or an upside down bucket with your hands or a wooden spoon, or simply clap along.



Lullaby Sonic Cradle

designed for ages 0-5, but great for all ages

Before her live performance at the Southbank Centre in February, artist Supriya Nagarajan said to us  that the biggest compliment she could get from audiences members, children and adults alike, was that they fall asleep! 

Inspired by the songs Indian women sing to their babies while working in the fields, Lullaby: Sonic Cradle is a semi-improvised performance from Supriya, combining night time sounds, vocals and instruments with a soundscape designed by sound artist Duncan Chapman. Set the mood at home with comfy cushions, dim the lights and meditatively listen and relax as a family whilst playing this ambient album.



Tots Tunes - SoundsCreative Projects

recommended for ages 0-5

Led by Cellist and founder of SoundsCreative Projects Tara Franks, this Hackney based community class is now online so you can start your day with a shake, stomp and sing. Original tunes, rounds and world folk songs are included, with a few dance moves thrown in, accompanied by cello and djembe. This is a class as much for adults as little ones and will be lots of fun for all.

more information on their classes


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Sadly, for everyone’s safety, our venues are currently closed. But you can still get your Southbank Centre fix online. We will continue to share inspiring and thought-provoking arts stories through our website and social channels.

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