The Great Nordic Feast - London's first celebration of food from the Nordic nations

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017 - 17:13

Ahead of The Great Nordic Feast at Southbank Centre on 20-22 October, chef and CEO of Food In Action, Fia Gulliksson (pictured, below left) explains the background of the event.

Fia Gulliksson, CEO of Food In Action
Fia Gulliksson

It’s hard to believe that some of our Nordic countries have been battling with each other for hundreds of years. It’s particularly strange, when in reality we share the same values of equality, openness, simplicity, trust and compassion. These values are deeply rooted in all the Nordic cultures and in turn, lead to a core system of beliefs, when it comes to leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Now, with the years of conflict in the Nortdic countries thankfully a distant memory, we felt this was the perfect moment to invite eight Nordic destinations to London’s Southbank Centre, to serve up the city’s first celebration of Nordic cooking and lifestyle. We’re calling it The Great Nordic Feast. And it will be just that – I promise! 

You will be introduced to some of the best culinary talents from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland as well as the lesser-known Nordic regions of Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Together with some of the UK’s most passionate and influential chefs, they will cook up a Nordic storm and for a change - well, within the food world anyway - at this event the majority of the brilliantly skilled chefs are women.

The Great Nordic Feast is about connecting people through good food and introducing them to our lifestyle - including our preference for cooking on fire, as well as fresh organic ingredients, foraging, and spreading the messages of equality and inclusiveness. 

The Great Nordic Feast - fisk - Sandra Lee Pettersson

The Nordic soils and landscapes are among the most pristine on the planet. Combine this with the opportunities given to us by the changing seasons and the natural wilderness (which is literally on our doorstep) and every day becomes a foodie adventure. The authenticity, composure and relaxed attitude of Nordic people make it a truly incredible part of the world to live, work, and enjoy life. It’s also a fascinating area to visit.

We want to share all these things with you: good food, passionate people and our respect for nature. So we would dearly love it if you joined us for The Great Nordic Feast and, once you’ve been inspired (which you most definitely will be), why not carry on the adventure and come visit the Nordic countries for yourselves?

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