The Guy's Guide To Feminism with Michael Kaufman


In just one generation, many age-old ideas about women have been swept aside - but what does that have to do with men?

The Guy's Guide To Feminism with Michael Kaufman

Michael Kaufman, co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign, the largest effort in the world of men working to end violence against women, guides both men and women through an A to Z of feminism for men, in an hour of humour, serious conversation, story-telling and hard-hitting analysis.

As recently as the 1960’s [a woman] had to get her husband’s signature to open a bank account… Women spent a hundred years campaigning for the right to vote… They fought for a century to control their own bodies and work alongside men in jobs of their own choice.

This session was part of Southbank Centre's Women Of The World Festival 2013.

WOW - Women of the World Festival

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