Holly Blakey on Cowpuncher My Ass

Born in North Yorkshire, and now based in London, choreographer, director and artist Holly Blakey has a long history with Southbank Centre, beginning with her award-winning debut live show Some Greater Class which was performed here in summer 2017.

In 2018 Blakey was commissioned to produce a work to commemorate the reopening of our Queen Elizabeth Hall. The result was Cowpuncher, produced in collaboration with Mica Levi and Vivienne Westwood. Now, a year on, Blakey is back with an updated take on this ‘inspired Wild West reimagining’ (The Stage); Cowpuncher My Ass.

In this video Blakey gives an introduction to the show, with what audiences can expect from the performance, and also talks about what it means to her to be launching her new show here at Southbank Centre.

Cowpuncher My Ass


What’s always really vital about the way I want to make work, is that it never feels like you’re not included in the conversation.
Holly Blakey


Cowpuncher My Ass is at Southbank Centre for two nights, in Queen Elizabeth Hall on 7 & 8 February

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