How to… make, create and grow at home

Tuesday, April 14, 2020 - 15:59

For all of us, our Easter 2020 will be quite different to the one we might have planned. That includes the Southbank Centre. Over the school holidays we’d been looking forward to welcoming a number of creative artists, who had fun activities lined up for children and families. So we were as sad as you, when we had to cancel these events.

But it takes more than a lockdown to stop the arts, and so a great number of the creative artists we planned to work with have kindly put together some little guides for us. So that you can continue to be inspired, and find new and interesting things to do at home. Amazing, huh? So stop reading us waffle on, and get stuck into the fabulous fun activities below.

How to... beatbox

We’d been looking forward to welcoming the brilliant Big Up to the Southbank Centre this Easter; a perfect show for little people who want to be big, and big people who might have forgotten how to play. Thankfully, the collective have made some great videos for you to learn some of the amazing skills from their show for yourself during the lockdown. Starting with this brilliant set that teaches you how to beatbox.

Welcome to Big Up at Home!


How to... create an eco mobile

Put your own creative spin on your home, be it inside or out, by creating your own eco mobile. These fun mobiles are created using everyday unwanted objects you find lying around, inside or out. Finding the things to include is half the fun; you could look out for cool things to use in your mobile on one of your exercise walks.

download or view the worksheet


How to... grow a mini garden in egg shells

If you’re not lucky enough to have an outdoor garden where you live, you can always create a mini one to cultivate indoors. JD from Grounded Eco-Therapy – the amazing people who look after our beautiful Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden – has put together this great video how you can grow your own garden using eggshells. Best get cracking!

How to make a garden from eggshells


How to... create your own Rangoli

Rangoli is a traditional decorative floor art that is practised in India. It involves using a variety of materials to create patterns on the floor, and can be done with items you find around the home. Graphic designer and type designer Geetika Alok has kindly produced a worksheet to help you create your own Rangoli at home; just keep off the carpets!

download or view the worksheet


How to... create your own forest

If you’re missing the opportunity to get out among the trees and woods in the spring, author and illustrator Jane Porter is here to help you create your own. Inspired by the trees at the Southbank Centre, Jane has kindly filmed this video showing you to make your own magical silver-leaved mini-forest, using just a cereal packet, a juice carton, scissors, paper and glue.

How to make a mini forest


The show must go on(line)

Sadly, for everyone’s safety, our venues are currently closed. But you can still get your Southbank Centre fix online. We will continue to share inspiring and thought-provoking arts stories through our website and social channels.

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As a charity, we rely on ticket sales for a huge chunk of our income. But now they’ve stopped. And it's a huge worry to us, and the people we work with. We all need the escape of art and culture; it can inspire and unite us. So please – if you can afford to – consider a donation to the Southbank Centre today, to help us be there for you in the future.

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