Meet the Chefs of The Great Nordic Feast

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 15:28

Here at Southbank Centre we’re loosening our belts and eyeing up possible post-dinner naps spots as we get set to be plied with a wealth of fine cuisine at The Great Nordic Feast. For three days we welcome a host of chefs from the UK, Ireland and the Nordic countries to cook up a culinary feast that promises to be Nordic but nice.

Authors, bakers, restaurateurs and even reality television champions; our collection of sixteen top chefs boast a rich and varied experience in the kitchen. Read on to discover more.

Sébastien Boudet (Sweden)

Passionate Baker and Chef

Pastry chef Sébastien Boudet may be French, but he’s become a huge hit in Sweden, having started a bread revolution following his stint as a radio host in the country. Based in Stockholm, he is both a baker and chef and is passionate about good, clean and healthy breads.

Titti Qvarnström (Sweden)

Michelin Star Chef

Titti Qvarnström is the co-owner of Sweden’s celebrated Bloom in the Park, the first restaurant in Scandinavia with a female head chef to receive a Michelin star. Qvarnström’s gastronomic vision is to share a small part of the Swedish terroir with people all over the world through her culinary creations.

Marianna Leivaditaki (UK)

Executive Chef at Morito

Nominated as one of the UK’s most influential chefs for 2017, Marianna Leivaditaki is Executive Chef at Morito restaurant on Hackney Road and her food for The Great Nordic Feast is influenced by her visit to Iceland.

Helena Puolakka (Finland)

Executive Chef at Aster

Executive Chef for D&D’s newest restaurant, Aster, Helena Puolakka draws on the Nordic cuisine of her Finnish heritage using the classic French techniques she has refined over her career.

Edd Kimber (UK)

The Boy Who Bakes

Edd Kimber will be familiar to many of you already as the winner of the first series of BBC Two’s Great British Bake Off. Now a baker, food writer and TV personality, he is the author of three cookbooks; The Boy Who Bakes (2011), Say It With Cake (2012) and Patisserie Made Simple (2014).

Lena Flaten (Sweden/Norway)

Outdoor chef and artisan producer

Spanning two of our Nordic countries, Lena Flaten is from Norway but lives in Sweden where she founded the restaurant and production kitchen Flammans Skafferi. Flaten is also one of Sweden’s best outdoor chefs and her love of organic, locally produced goods is evident in all her menus.

Ylfa Helgadóttir (Iceland)

Chef and team manager, Iceland’s culinary team

Despite her young age, Ylfa Helgadóttir, has gained a lot of attention for her work, receiving numerous awards for her cooking and becoming team manager of Iceland’s national team of chefs. Helgadóttir likes to work with Icelandic products and to find unexpected combinations.

Kistannguaq Simonsen (Greenland)

Chef at Hotel Kangerlussuaq

As a chef working at a restaurant in the Arctic Circle, Kistanguaq Simonsen’s cooking style and personality embody the harmony that exists in modern Greenland, with tradition and sustainably walking hand in hand.

Marie Hertz  (Denmark)

Gardener, chef and lecturer

Based in Copenhagen Marie Hertz has been involved in sustainable farming in both cities and the countryside her whole life. Five years ago she started working on new projects and initiatives at Birkemosegaard, resulting in the opening of her restaurant Køkken.

Sam Clarke (UK)

Chef and author

Alongside her husband, Sam Clarke is co-founder of London’s restaurants Moro and Morito, which the pair have run together for twenty years; Clarke has also published four successful cookbooks.

Mette Helbak (Denmark)

Chef and stylist, Stedsans in the Woods

Chef, food stylist, writer and award-winning entrepreneur, Mette Helbak is is the author of several cookbooks, and a contributor to leading Scandinavian magazines and newspapers.

Heidi Bjerkan (Norway)

Chef and owner of Credo

A former head chef of the Norwegian royal family, Heidi Bjerkan headed up the kitchens in the Royal Palace, before going on to start her own restaurant Credo, 18 years ago.

Jessica Margurte Murphy (Ireland)

Head Chef at Kai Restaurant

Two things matter to Jessica Magurte Murphy when it comes to food - it has to taste great and visually, it has to be amazing. She is the winner of several awards including Food & Wine Magazine Best Chef in Connacht, and Best Service at the Food & Wine Restaurant Awards.

Keri in restaurant 01.JPG CREDIT MATT WRITTLE

Keri Moss (UK)

Food designer

Another chef who’ll be familiar to fans of TV cooking shows, Keri Moss was winner of MasterChef the Professionals in 2012. Having previously run her own restaurant in Selfridges, The Corner Restaurant, she now works as a freelance food designer and menu developer.

Anna Rubeksen (Faroe Islands)

Chef at Heimablídni

Anna Rubeksen and her husband and Óli offer authentic and intimate dining experiences in their own dining room, where Anna cooks traditional homemade Faroese food mostly grown on their own farm.

Kim Woodward (UK)

Executive Chef at Skylon

As Executive Chef at Royal Festival Hall’s Skylon, Kim Woodward has the shortest travel distance of all The Great Nordic Feast chefs. Woodward previously worked at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, and was named as the first ever female Head Chef in Savoy Grill’s 126-year history in 2015.

Lisa Lemke (Sweden)

Chef, author and TV-personality

Lisa Lemke is a freelance food creator, food stylist, pizzeria-owner and television chef. For about 15 years, we have been able to follow her relaxed and creative approach to cooking and glimpse her recipe creation in mainly Swedish food magazines.

Niklas Ekstedt (Sweden)

Swedish chef/restaurateur at Michelin-starred Ekstedt

Niklas Ekstedt, the restaurateur of Stockholm’s Michelin-starred Ekstedt restaurant, brings a primal cooking style to The Great Nordic Feast by harnessing the power of an open fire rather than electricity or gas. With innovative recipes and tried and tested techniques, Ekstedt has had a profound impact worldwide.

Richard Nystad (Norway)

Chef and creative 'green food' personality

Richard Nystad is one of Norway's highest profile 'green -chefs'. He is one of the founders behind the health concepts Hagen and Persillery in Trondheim. He has travelled all over Norway and presented a healthy food philosophy in the form of lectures, food courses, presenting dishes to festival goers across the world.

Fia Gulliksson, CEO of Food In Action

Fia Gulliksson (Sweden)

Creative director and Project manager of The Great Nordic Feast/CEO of Food In Action

Food and sustainability advocate Fia Gulliksson has put Jämtland, in the heart of Sweden, on the global culinary map. Fia is a serial entrepreneur and a self trained chef focused on creative gastronomy.

Ágúst Einþórsson (Iceland)

Baker, pastry maker and owner of Brauð & Co. bakeries

Ágúst Einþórsson grew up in East of Iceland and studied baking in Reykjavik. He later moved to Denmark where he completed his education in baking and pastry making. He now runs three Brauð & Co. bakeries in the city that is famous for its sourdough breads and cinnamon rolls.

Selin Kiaim (UK)

Chef Director & Author at Oklava

Selin Kiazim developed her love of cooking at an early age and she completed her Professional Chef’s Diploma at Westminster Kingsway College in 2008 with distinction. She then began work with acclaimed chef Peter Gordon at The Providores, Marylebone and later becoming head-chef at Kopapa, Covent Garden.

Johanna Dahlgren (Åland)

Head chef and restaurateur

Johanna comes from the autonomous Finnish province of Åland is located in the Baltic Sea, at the southern end of the Gulf of Bothnia between mainland Finland and Sweden. Johanna has been running the restaurant Pub Stallhagen, at The Åland Islands since 2010.

The Great Nordic Feast takes place at Southbank Centre from 20-22 October, with multiple sittings each day.

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