My Mixtape: Lizz Wright

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 09:50

The distinctively smooth voice of American jazz and gospel vocalist Lizz Wright has graced six critically-acclaimed albums, a journey which began with Salt, back in 2003. Throughout these releases Wright’s music has offered a compelling reflection of the country’s cultural fabric, culminating in Grace (2017), which honours her Georgia birthplace.

Ahead of her performance at Southbank Centre in March 2019, Wright picked out ten tracks she’s found herself listening to lately for this special mixtape, which she kindly breaks down, below.

Embody Me, Novo Amor

This is my new long drive music of choice. They write well and their voices are so special. The production is also clean and bare so that I can feel what I'm hearing. I play them in my cafe often.


As Old Road, Goldmund

This artist is still a bit of a mystery to me, but his work, the sound of his touch on piano is deeply calming. 


Mary Don’t You Weep, Aretha Franklin

I recently watched the documentary of Aretha's Amazing Grace record. The experience of seeing the sound of my childhood was mesmerizing. It also felt like a tent revival in that tiny theatre. Those of us who knew how special it was to be seeing the making of that record were overwhelmed together. I remember telling my story of what her Amazing Grace record means to me, in the lobby of the theatre, to a perfect stranger. We were both in tears and laughing. 


Tomorrow, The O’My’s

These guys are from the Chi! I had no idea until the other day. Their sound is like a perfect back scratch to me. Unapologetically southern feeling. Patience. Intimate vocals. 


Against The Wind, Victory

This woman's spirit is fresh and daring. I appreciate her commitment to speaking to the listener's soul. Some people play music. Some wake up with the intention to help you on the journey. She sounds like she cares about how we're moving through life. Medicinal and open. 


Feel The Music, Lorine Chia

This is my new gym anthem. When I'm putting in the last mile on the treadmill or my peloton bike this one gets me past my marks. Beast mode!


I’d Do It All Again, Corrine Baily Rae

Corrine makes things alright. She's gotta be someone else's Fairy God Mama, not just mine. I'm sure of it. 


Optimistic, August Greene

I’m in love with this band of bright spirits. The energy of their fellowship charges the space where their music and videos play. 


Best Part, Daniel Cesar

I’m so excited about Daniel. I hope he has a tremendous career and hangs around for a long time. What a wonderful spirit and sound!


At Night, Annelie

Sometimes all I need is to hear music on a rugged upright piano. I love Annelie’s concept. Its simple but brings me great relief. I could listen to this song every day. 


Lizz Wright performed at Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall on Friday 8 March.


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