My Mixtape: Maybeshewill

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 11:19

Maybeshewill were formed by friends and classmates Robin Southby and John Helps at Leicester’s De Montfort University back in 2005. The band grew to become an established five-piece who described their sound as instrumental rock with electronics and drew favourable comparisons to acts including Mogwai and Sigur Rós. Though Maybeshewill disbanded in 2016 they have reunited especially to play a one-off gig at Southbank Centre as part of Robert Smith’s Meltdown.

Ahead of that performance guitarist and founder-member of Maybeshewill John Helps has put together a special mixtape playlist for us, which he explains below.

'Putting together a playlist that’s indicative of what Maybeshewill as a whole are listening to is a bit of a nightmare. Our musical tastes have converged and diverged so much over the years that it’s quite hard to condense that in to a handful of songs. I think that’s part of what makes being in the band interesting - at a really basic level just sharing music with each other is an interesting pastime. How it’s fed in to the music that we’ve made over the years… I don’t know.

'So this is a mixture of music we love, some tracks from bands we’re friends with or have worked with in various capacities (Jamie recorded the track from Her Name Is Calla, John recorded and released the track by Kermes), but it’s all stuff we’re listening to on relatively heavy rotation at the moment.'

Meltdown festival is just one aspect of our live contemporary music programme here at Southbank Centre. We have gigs, performances and late night DJ sets throughout the year.

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