My Mixtape: Mew’s Johan Wohlert

Thursday, January 2, 2020 - 10:54

In May this year, Danish band Mew take to our Royal Festival Hall stage for a special 15th anniversary performance of their much loved And The Glass Handed Kites album. Ahead of the gig we took time to get to know the band, and asked them to put together some short mixtapes of some of their favourite or most influential tracks.

First up, is bassist Johan Wohlert, who has put together a star-studded six-track collection for us. Here’s the playlist, and below Wohlert explains why these half dozen tracks earned a place on his mixtape.

‘The Old Man is Back Again’ - Scott Walker

I was always fascinated by his role as the indie rocker of croon. Equally great as a singer and songwriter as his more mainstream fellow crooners. But with this added layer of darkness and mystery.


‘Heart of the Sunrise’ - Yes


A band so capable is a rare thing. Like with my favorite Genesis songs of that era, this song is a fantastic mix of heart and brains. Bold, ambitious and a great source of inspiration for our And The Glass Handed Kites album. 


‘The Chamber of 32 Doors’ - Genesis


My favorite Genesis song and one of my all time favorites. This band was magic. Maybe not as flashy as Yes, but with so much heart and emotion. It’s from the greatest ever progressive rock record The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - a timeless masterpiece.


‘In the Court of the Crimson King’ - King Crimson


This record was also huge for me around the time we wrote the Kites album. I could also have picked their song '21st Century Schizoid Man' as it is equally great.


‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ - Pink Floyd


What an absolutely beautiful way to pay homage to a friend. I didn’t discover Pink Floyd until after we had already done Kites. But I can see what the fuss was all about. Brilliant - just brilliant.


‘A Day in the Life’ - The Beatles


Maybe the one song that started it all. Progressive, innovative, weird, and wonderful. Such an inspiration for future generations to come.



Wohlert and his band-mates perform And the Glass Handed Kites here at Southbank Centre on Tuesday 12 May.

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