Pekka Kuusisto on Sergei Prokofiev

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 09:00

‘It’s a piece that somehow sounds like spring,’ is how Pekka Kuusisto begins his description of Prokofiev’s First Violin Concerto, a piece which he considers ‘one of those perfect violin concertos’.

But, what makes a perfect Violin Concerto? In this interview the violinist explains why Prokofiev's First is a revered as a masterpiece, taking a look at the lyrical sounds of spring and shifting harmonies that make the piece such a delight.


Kuusisto also explains the challenges of making such a light, delicate piece remain true to its concept, whilst also playing in a way that can be heard and enjoyed by a full concert hall. And he goes on to look at Prokofiev’s knack of pitching the tone and feel of his works from the very first note.

You expect Frank Sinatra to sing this sort of music, these sorts of harmony changes. But it’s a Prokofiev Violin Concerto
Pekka Kuusisto

Hear the magic of this concerto unfold as Kuusisto performs with Vladimir Ashkenazy and the Philharmonia Orchestra in Royal Festival Hall on 20 May, as part of Voices of Revolution: Russia 1917.

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