Philharmonia at the Movies: Greta Garbo

Thursday, February 15, 2018 - 00:00

Greta Garbo stars in The Mysterious Lady, a classic tale of espionage and romance. But first, see her in the last surviving reel of The Divine Woman, rediscovered in a Soviet film archive.

In 1993 a single reel of film, containing less than ten minutes of the long thought lost The Divine Woman was discovered in a Russian archive. Get a rare opportunity to see those lost minutes, starring Garbo in the title role, here with us before the feature length screening of The Mysterious Lady.

Miss Garbo in this picture portrays a vision of loveliness, a lover of the opera, a song without words—whose only fault, indeed, is that she is in the pay of St. Petersburg
New York Times review of The Mysterious Lady, printed in August 1928

Both screenings are accompanied by an atmospheric live soundtrack from the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted - and devised - by Carl Davis.

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