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    Everyday Heroes: Mahtab Hussain

    Everyday Heroes celebrates the contributions that key workers and frontline staff have made during the pandemic. Taking place across the Southbank Centre, the outdoor exhibition highlights the sheer scale of the collective response to this crisis, and the many different ways that people across the country have come together to support one another.

    Mahtab Hussain is one of 15 artists asked to contribute works to Everyday Heroes. In this video he talks about the two large-scale portraits he has produced for the exhibition, explaining the artistic practices and approaches that inspired them, and what the finished pieces stand for. 

    Installation view of Mahtab Hussain, Dr A Shahid with Ember, 2020 at Southbank Centre's Everyday Heroes, on until 7 November 2020. Copyright the artist. Photo credit_ Linda Nylind (4)

    “It's about bringing these elements together that I love and creating something unique and new”

    Mahtab Hussain on his works for Everyday Heroes

    Everyday Heroes is open September – November. 

    Visit the Southbank Centre in person to see the artworks and poems by 21 leading artists and poets that make up the exhibition.

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