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    Nakhane on Igshaan Adams: Kicking Dust

    ‘I find the work really moving.’

    Performer and multimedia artist Nakhane discusses the exhibition Kicking Dust at Hayward Gallery, by their fellow South African, Igshaan Adams.

    As well as explaining how Adams’ exhibition makes them feel, in this short video overview Nakhane also discusses how the exhibition gives new meaning and life to its materials, from pulling small insignificant pieces together to form robust works, and in its elevation of unheralded everyday objects to beautiful art.

    Nakhane talks expressively to camera within the exhibition Igshaan Adams: Kicking Dust at Hayward Gallery
    screengrab from video: FOR BLOG USE ONLY

    ‘Sometimes when you experience art in galleries there is a sense of trying to make it too academic or intellectual, and we forget that sometimes the work has to move emotions in us’

    Installation view of Igshaan Adams Kicking Dust at Hayward Gallery, 2021 © Igshaan Adams, 2021. Photo Mark Blower
    Igshaan Adams: Kicking Dust

    Ighsaan Adams: Kicking Dust was at the Hayward Gallery from 19 May to 25 July, 2021