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    Winter Light: Anne Roininen

    Anne Roininen's light sculpture Car Show (2017-21) which consists of 'abandoned' vehicles illuminated by light from within, in situ outside Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre as part of Winter Light
    Car Show (2017-21), Anne Roininen, part of Winter Light 2021-22. Photo by Pete Woodhead

    Anne Roininen is a Finnish artist whose recent works have dealt with analysis of the urban environment, the forest suburbs and the nature of objects.

    Roininen’s Car Show (2017 – 2021), part of our free outdoor exhibition Winter Light, is made from real cars, and is about cars. The illuminated vehicles dot the landscape of the Southbank Centre, presenting something of an eerie car graveyard.

    The sculpture explores our evolving relationship with these machines, and how they have gone from a symbol of luxury and freedom to a synonymity with air pollution, and lung disease. 

    In this video the artist introduces the sculpture, and discusses how the work evolves and changes depending on its environment and the vehicles she uses.

    Artist Anne Roininen stands on the Southbank Centre's Riverside Terrace , behind her can be seen part of her light sculpture, Car Show
    Anne Roininen discuss her installation Car Show, part of Winter Light,. Screengrab from internally produced video. Bl;og use only

    ‘It’s nice to have something kind of monumental next to the sculpture, it somehow also brings some kind of solitude.’

    Anne Roininen
    David Ogle, Loomin, 2020: Light installations on trees around the Southbank Centre. Image credit, Morley Von Sternberg
    Morley Von Sternberg
    Winter Light

    Our free outdoor exhibition is viewable from dusk until late, across the Southbank Centre until 9 January 2022.