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    Winter Light: Lis Rhodes

    Lis Rhodes is a film-maker and founding member of the women’s film and video distribution company Circles, established in 1979.

    Her work Dresden Dynamo, made when she was still a student at the North East London Polytechnic, explores the relationship between image and sound. It is one of many of her films to employ a primarily abstract language, and is currently one of several installations which make up our current free outdoor exhibition, Winter Light.

    In this video the artist explains how she made the film by hand, without a camera or any audio recording, and how the images themselves became the film’s score.

    Lis Rhodes video artwork Dresden Dynamo is projected onto the outside of the Royal Festival Hall
    Dresden Dynamo by Lis Rhodes; photo by Pete Woodhead

    ‘It was an attempt to make a material connection between what is seen and what is heard. The image is the sound.’

    Lis Rhodes
    David Ogle, Loomin, 2020: Light installations on trees around the Southbank Centre. Image credit, Morley Von Sternberg
    Morley Von Sternberg
    Winter Light

    Our free outdoor exhibition is viewable from dusk until late, across the Southbank Centre until 9 January 2022.