Why does art history matter?

Why does art history matter? What is the purpose of artists at this, or any other time? These are the questions answered by Hayward Gallery Senior Curator, Dr Cliff Lauson, in this short video, produced as part of the recent HENI Talks series.

Drawing on the recent Bridget Riley exhibition at the Southbank Centre, Dr Lauson explains how artists can encourage us, and enable us, to look at the world around us differently.

Why does art history matter? | Cliff Lauson, Hayward Gallery


Artists have a very particular and special role... to look where other people aren't looking.
Dr Cliff Lauson, Senior Curator, Hayward Gallery


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HENI Talks is a non-profit initiative dedicated to sharing insights about art history from authorities in the field, as part of a broader commitment to supporting art education and widening public access to art.

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