YessSIR! Back off! Tell me who I am, again?! (2018), by Flo Brooks

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 19:06

In his paintings U Bend but it’s still a trap and YessSIR! Back off! Tell me who I am, again?! (both 2018), Flo Brooks depicts a fictional cleaning company – Scrubbers – hard at work in a public toilet and therapist’s consulting room. ‘I was thinking a lot about the kinds of hygienic spaces I’ve traversed through my hormone transition and mental health support’, Brooks comments, ‘spaces designed to clean, conceal and correct’ things that are considered ‘dirty, abnormal or other’.

Flo Brooks, U Bend but it’s still a trap and YessSIR! Back off! Tell me who I am, again?! (both 2018). Installation view of Kiss My Genders at Hayward Gallery, 2019. Photo: Thierry Bal

In these paintings, Brooks evokes transness and queerness through ‘metaphor, irony and visual puns’. Cleaning products take on loaded titles and nothing stays in its allotted place: bodily matter, dirt, chemicals and pharmaceutical products all rub up against each other, while sections of the paintings erupt into the room.

Kiss My Genders is at Hayward Gallery from 12 June – 8 September 2019. Hayward Gallery is open 11am – 7pm every day, except Tuesdays when the gallery is closed, with late night opening on Thursdays until 9pm.

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