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Watch Ralph Rugoff, Director of Hayward Gallery, introduce the gallery’s incredible Gursky retrospective
Use our timeline to discover what our experts predict will take place over the century to come
‘I saw huge buildings rise up faint and fair, and pass like dreams…’
Afro-Guyanese playwright John Agard at Poetry Parnassus
J. K. Rowling launches The Casual Vacancy, her first novel for adults
Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner on how her homeland and people were subjected to nuclear explosions
John Hegley reads his favourite childhood poem, Tarantella by Hilaire Belloc
Laura Dockrill, reads her favourite childhood poem Roald Dahl's The Pig
Victoria Hamilton reads Shakespeare's Sonnet 64: When I have seen by Time's fell hand defac'd.
Cargoes by John Masefield read by Francesca Beard
What was it that made Salome such a scandal?
Rachel Bowlby and Claire Armistead look at the early life and works of Virginia Woolf
Carolyn Forché explores how poets have been shaped by extreme events
A live recording of The Shuffle - part of Poetry Parnassus
Why are the inequalities in the way mentally ill people are treated?
The American folklorist and author who influenced many writers including Alice Walker