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The author of How To Love Brutalism explores our Queen Elizabeth Hall
Discover his hopes for the future of dance and his relationship with Southbank Centre in this Q&A
Belief and Beyond Belief festival panellist Canon Rosie Harper considers the topic of assisted dying
Lu Kemp, director of The Lounge discusses her research into older age for the production
Explore how new technologies are impacting our perceptions and experiences of death, with Professor Josh Cohen
Why bother saving the arts? In an era of cuts, is 'arts' a dirty word?
Marcus du Sautoy gives the science keynote, Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity
Ben Winters from The Open University gives a talk about Erich Korngold
Stephen Johnson, discusses Soviet influence on the great Russian composers
Frederick Taylor on German history and the rise of the extreme right
What was the US doing in Hawaii? Why did the Japanese attack them there?
Carolyn Forché explores how poets have been shaped by extreme events
Comparing Hitler’s masterwork – The Triumph of the Will – and his 1937 ‘Degenerate Art’ exhibition
Slavoj Žižek at London Literature Festival 2010
Alex Ross discusses his acclaimed book The Rest Is Noise
Alex Ross on Vienna in the early 1900s