Artist's impression of the Hayward Gallery when it reopens in 2018 with new roof lights

Let The Light In: How Hayward Gallery is getting ready for 2018

Let The Light In

You can play a key part in our work to restore Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Hayward Gallery for future generations.

It’s fifty years since our much-loved arts venues first opened their doors. At the heart of our programme they have hosted exceptional shows and exhibitions, inspiring generations of audiences.

However, these iconic buildings had begun to suffer for their art, and so in September 2015 they were closed to the public to allow us to carry out vital restoration work. 

Let The Light In is our campaign to help fund this vital refurbishment. The £25million project has been funded by Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund, and through generous Southbank Centre friends, but for it and us to succeed, we need your help.

It’s not about donating to a building. It’s about making a real contribution to the cultural life of Britain for many decades to come.
Susan Gilchrist, Chairman of Southbank Centre Board of Governors


Please donate today and help us to refurbish these iconic spaces for future generations.

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Make a lasting connection with our much-loved Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room.

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How your support will make a difference

Your donation will help us to let natural light into the venues, by replacing the worn out pyramid roof lights on Hayward Gallery, and introducing new glazing to Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer to give views of the river. And your support will also help us improve the experience in our auditoria, through refurbished seats, improved acoustics and state-of-the-art production and technical equipment for Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room.

We would be squandering the Hayward Gallery’s history if we didn’t invest in its now and its future, and that’s what we’ve got to do.
Jude Kelly CBE, Southbank Centre Artistic Director

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