Hayward Gallery

Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future

18 Apr 2018 – 11 Jun 2018

This group exhibition brought together artworks by seven international artists in Hayward Gallery's Heni Project Space. These artists – Andreas Angelidakis, Julian Charrière, Youmna Chlala, Rainer Ganahl, Marguerite Humeau, Ann Lislegaard and Bedwyr Williams – addressed how our world might look and feel in the future.

Engaging with the idea that adaptation is necessary for survival, the artists in this exhibition presented films, sculpture and text-based works that reflected on new and hybrid forms of architecture, technology, biology and language.

In his ‘digital matte painting’, Bedwyr Williams offered glimpses into ordinary lives led within an imaginary metropolis in rural north Wales; Youmna Chlala evoked a future city where environmental changes have brought about new ways of living; and in an animated film screened in the Hayward Gallery Foyer, Andreas Angelidakis made a case for a radical, flexible gallery of the future, capable of moving through the city at will.

Elsewhere in this exhibition, Julian Charrière considered the long-term geological impact of our over-reliance on consumer electronics; Rainer Ganahl imagined what Berlin would look like if China was the dominant global power; and Ann Lislegaard and Marguerite Humeau drew on science fiction and ancient myth, respectively, to create unsettling meditations on time travel, contemporary surveillance, and the shape of the world to come.

Adapt to Survive: Notes from the Future was a collaboration with Concrete, Dubai.

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