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Hayward Gallery is one of the world’s leading contemporary art galleries. Since it opened in the summer of 1968 with an exhibition by Henri Matisse, Hayward Gallery has played a crucial role in presenting work by some of the world’s most significant artists.

The gallery is currently closed until 2018 so that it can undergo essential refurbishment. The focus of the refurbishment project at the Hayward Gallery is to restore the 66 glass pyramid rooflights in order to let controlled natural lighting into the upper galleries for the first time. 

These pyramid rooflights, inspired by a concept by sculptor Henry Moore, unfortunately never worked in the way that they were intended and leaks forced the installation of a false ceiling that blocked out natural light, reduced the height of the galleries by several metres, and limited the work that can be shown.

How you can help

You can help us to reinstate this wonderful architectural feature and let natural light into the upper galleries, transforming the experience of the hundreds of thousands of visitors we welcome every year. 

For curators and artists this transformation will increase the scope of the work that can be made and displayed in the gallery. 

As well as replacing our iconic roof lights, we will be replacing the stone floors of the gallery, repaving the sculpture terraces and installing new climate control and other essential building services to ensure that the Hayward Gallery can continue to present its programme of world-class exhibitions.

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Your gift to our Let The Light In campaign will help us to transform Hayward Gallery by restoring its iconic pyramid rooflights.

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