Royal Festival Hall spaces

Events take place at lots of different spaces and venues within Royal Festival Hall, see the list of all spaces and were to find them below.


The Royal Festival Hall auditorium is the biggest venue at Southbank Centre, with fixed seating for 2,500 people. Here’s where you can find the different seating areas – or check your ticket for the door closest to your seat.

  • Front stalls – levels 3 & 4
  • Side stalls – level 4
  • Rear stalls – levels 4 & 5
  • Boxes – levels 5 & 6
  • Balcony – level 6

All auditorium entry doors can be accessed by lift or stairs. The JCB Glass Lift and Lift 1 provide flat access to all levels of the auditorium.

There are no toilets inside the auditorium itself – they are located in the foyer areas on each level. Gender neutral inclusive toilets are located on Level 4.

The Cloakroom is also outside the auditorium, located on Level 1 of the building.

Access information

We welcome wheelchair users, guide companion dogs and we have an Infrared hearing facility.

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Also inside

As well as the main auditorium, we use many of the spaces and rooms within Royal Festival Hall for events and exhibitions. Here’s a brief rundown of what you will find and where. Seating for these areas is flexible, depending on the event taking place, so we can’t always publish seating plans.

Level 1

This is the lower ground floor and where you can find the following venues:

  • Blue Room
  • Amber Room
  • White Room
  • Hayward Gallery Art Library
  • Gamelan Room
  • Exhibition Space
  • Southbank Centre Square (outdoors and home to the Food Market)

For visitors with prams, buggies and wheelchairs, or requiring step-free access to Level 1 spaces, please go to the Welcome Desk on Level 2, where our Visitor Experience team is happy to assist you.

Level 2

This is the level you arrive on if you enter via the Mandela doors or the doors on Riverside Terrace. It’s one of the busiest areas of Royal Festival Hall and the site of loads of our free events and exhibitions. On this floor you’ll find the following:

  • The Clore Ballroom
  • Central Bar
  • Archive Studio
  • Green Side Foyer
  • Blue Side Foyer
  • Riverside Terrace
  • Riverside Terrace Cafe
  • Multi-Faith Prayer Room

Level 3

Level 3 is much quieter, with just two venues – and sometimes exhibitions in the foyers. Here, you’ll find the following:

  • Sunley Pavilion
  • Foyle Pavilion
  • Skylon Restaurant

Level 4

Each side of Level 4 of Royal Festival Hall has a bar – they’re mainly used to serve drinks and snacks before and during events, but sometimes we hold talks and workshops in these areas:

  • Green Bar
  • Blue Bar

Level 5

  • Balcony Bar
  • Balcony Terrace
  • National Poetry Library

find out more about National Poetry Library opening times and visiting

Level 6

  • Members Area
  • Members' Cafe-Bar
  • St Paul's Roof Pavilion
  • Weston Roof Pavilion

Members get more


While you're here

  • Please help us to keep our foyers looking welcoming and presentable to everyone.

  • Please keep your personal belongings with you at all times. Security will be called if you leave your items unattended.

  • You are welcome to bring your own food and soft drinks to Royal Festival Hall foyers. Only alcoholic drinks purchased at Southbank Centre can be consumed here.

  • For the comfort of all visitors, sleeping is not permitted in our foyer spaces.

  • All visitors are asked to sit on a seat. Sitting on the floor is not permitted. We have increased the amount of furniture in the building and there are plenty of seats for all. We have configured this furniture so that chairs do not block lifts and doors.

  • Shoes must also be worn at all times whilst inside our buildings.

  • Please don’t put your feet on our furniture, so that it stays clean and undamaged for everyone.

  • Multiple bags or very large luggage items encroach on the space available to other visitors. Please be considerate to others and avoid taking up more space than you need.

  • The use of extension leads and cables is not allowed as these can be a trip hazard.

  • Entry to our foyers is free, and you are welcome to come in and enjoy the atmosphere with or without a ticket. Each day we close some foyer spaces to visitors and only allow entry to people with tickets. This is to provide space for audiences as they arrive for performances. Please look out for signs and listen to announcements; these give you more information about closure times and where else you can sit.

  • For the comfort of all visitors, smoking of e-cigarettes or other products that produce a vapour or smoke are not allowed inside our buildings.

  • A Multi-faith Prayer Room is located in Royal Festival Hall, Green Side, Level 2, offering a quiet retreat for prayer and meditation. The door code is available from the Welcome Hub, Level 2.